Wildlife watching in Canada

Viewing wildlife in Canada is an exciting and memorable experience which can be as simple as a wander through the woods. Small mammals can be found across the country such as squirrels, chipmunks, beavers, skunks and porcupines.

Responsible watching

When watching wildlife remember the welfare of wildlife and protection of natural habitat comes first. You must ensure you leave Canada's wilderness untouched.

Also remember that in Canada, you are not the top of the food-chain. Leaving paths and straying into areas which are out-of-bounds can be potentially hazardous. Most animals which live near roads and paths are aware of their use by humans. Leaving the paths and wandering into forests can frighten animals, leaving their young venerable or they may attack in defence of their territory.

Keep noise to a minimum and maintain a sensible distance from any animals you spot. Remember, some animals in Canada carry rabies and others, such as bears and elk, can move at surprising speeds and with aggression.

Don't leave any litter, garbage of campfires unattended. Leave Canada's natural wilderness as you find it.

Make sure children and dogs are kept in sight and under control at all times.

If you are travelling in farm areas make sure you close gates behind you and don't damage fences, hedges or walls when crossing.

Canada's wildlife

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