Canada's flora

Canada offers a wide range of habitats across varied vegetation.

Arctic Tundra can be found in Canada's north which leads south into boreal forests which is most typical of Canada and covers more of the country than any other type of vegetation.

The Maritimes are home to the Acadian forests which are made up from spruce, for, birch, pine and maple trees.

Rocks and Lakes in the Canadian Shield West of the Maritimes in Quebec and Ontario are the Laurentian Forests and Mountains leading into the Canadian Shield in the north and the Great Lakes in the south and west of Ontario.

Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta make up Canada's prairie grasslands which contain mixed grasses but are mainly covered by farmed grains.

Alberta and the east of British Columbia contain Canada's Rocky Mountains which stretch up into the Yukon Territory from the United States. Spruce, fir and larch trees can be found amongst the rocky and often snow covered terrain.

British Columbia's Pacific Coast contains mountains and temperate rain forests of gigantic red cedar, fir and spruce. The interior of British Columbia has the most far north desert.

Canada's wildlife

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