Trips to the USA from Canada

It is possible to visit the United States from Canada by travelling overland but be aware of the entry. Arrival by land is very different from arrival by air. Check with the US State Department or your local embassy if you require a visitor visa before attempting entry.

Visitors to the USA require proof of onward travel in the form of a ticket or pre-arranged travel. Open tickets (un-dated) are accepted. Canadians do not require to have a ticket and entry can be provided with sufficient ID if a passport is not held.

If you are travelling with a child, make sure you have documentation to prove the child's identity. Cross-border child abductions do occur and border security may ask you for proof the child is your own.

Time spent in the USA counts towards the total time allocation for Canada. If you have been given 6 months to stay in Canada, if you go to the USA then the length of your stay in Canada does not extend or reset.

You are not permitted to bring meat, fish, eggs or fruit into the USA or into Canada.

Duty free is available to visitors if they stay for over 48 hours.

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