Canada customs and border security

Canada has enhanced its security levels at airports since September 2001. All visitors will have their passports and entry visas (if required) checked on entry regardless of the method of arrival. You may receive additional levels of attention from airport security and customs depending on where you came from, what you look like and your nationality.

If you make sure your papers are in order and you meet Canada's entry requirements (see visas and passports section) then it is unlikely you will have any problems. What ever happens, arguing will only result in your situation worsening.

Liquor up to 1.1 litres can be brought into Canada if you are over the age of 19 or 18 in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec. 24 beers, 200 cigarettes, 400g of tobacco and 50 cigars is the limit for each person crossing the border regardless if they hold a Canadian passport or not. Gifts must not exceed the value of $60 each.

You are not permitted to bring in any meat or dairy products to prevent the spread of disease. Fruits are also not allowed to be brought in.

Cats and dogs are required to have had rabies shots within 36 months prior to entry and evidence must be shown before entry is granted. Visitors with pets should expect to undergo lengthy checks.

It is possible to bring firearms into Canada but only if they exceed 66cm in length and most will not require a permit. Pistols and automatic weapons are illegal and attempting to bring these types of weapons into Canada can result in arrest.

Bringing drugs into Canada will result in serious consequences. Marijuana and hashish are illegal drugs in Canada and smuggling will result in arrest regardless of amount and intended use.

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