Canadian train travel

Canada's railway has traditionally been the link between communities in Canada and for many it still is. Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways only provide freight services and the passenger trains are operated by the government agency Via Rail Canada.

The train service is very good as an alternative to the bus especially on longer journeys but is often much more expensive. A CanRail Pass is recommended if you are going on more than one trip. It might also make a single train trip cheaper and more flexible. When you buy your ticket discuss your travel plans with the agent.

Via Rail Canada passes start at around $450 and increase during the summer months. Students can receive quite a good discount. A pass gets you 12 days of travel in a 1 month period with the option to add a few more days if needed.

Some other companies operate train routes such as Ontario Northlander (Toronto North Bay), the Rocky Mountaineer (Vancouver - Banff - Calgary, Vancouver Whistler, Quesnel Jasper), the Whistler Mountaineer (Vancouver Whistler).

Amtrak provide the links to the USA including Vancouver Seattle, Toronto Buffalo, Montreal New York. All these routes interlink with the national Amtrak network providing service across the USA.

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