Documentation required for Car Rental

To rent a car in Canada the only documentation you require is your driver's licence. A credit card and passport may be required especially if your driving licence does not contain a photograph.

Travellers from within Canada who hold a Canadian licence can rent a vehicle if a full Canadian G2 licence is held. Other types of licence are not accepted but it is often best to check with the car rental company before.

If you are from the United Kingdom, you may require both parts of your licence to obtain vehicle rental. It is highly advisable that you bring both parts of your licence due to the information contained on the counterpart (paper part) that may be required by some car rental agencies and the police should an accident occur.

Foreign visitors can use their driving licence in Canada so long as it is readable to Canadians. This means it must be in either English or French. If this is not the case then an international permit is required. If the licence states the class, date of birth, expiry date and conditions it can be used in Canada for up to 6 months. International driving permits can be used for up to 12 months on the condition the holder is a visitor and not a resident.

Immigrant residents to Canada can use their driving licence so long as it meets the requirements explained above for up to 60 days. After which the licence holder is required to complete a written text of 50 questions and obtain 47 correct answers in order to pass. A G1 licence is then issued and can be used when accompanied by a full driving licence holder. Within 6 months of obtaining the G1 licence a practical test must be completed to advance to the G2 driving licence level.

International driving permits are available from your home country and cannot be obtained whilst in Canada.

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