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People unaccustomed to travelling by bus may be at a loss about where to start looking for information, but the process of selecting a carrier is quite easy. Bus travel in Canada is still limited to a small number of companies. In addition to local bus and charter companies such as Beaver Bus Lines in Manitoba and the Moose Network for backpacking groups, only one company serves each region: Acadian and DRL operate in the Atlantic Provinces and Orleans in Quebec, with Greyhound serving the rest of the country west of Ottawa. The latter also has extensive service in the United States and some in Mexico. While this limits choice, it also makes the process of planning a bus trip easier; with no need to compare different companies, passengers need only choose the right kind of ticket and the best time to travel.

Orleans Express serves mainly Quebec and also uses subsidiaries for the Atlantic Provinces. With four departures per day from Quebec City to the Pierre Eliot Trudeau Airport, the service caters to the special requirements of the region. Acadian Bus has certain restrictions about reservations from certain points. There are rates for adults, students, club 60, and children. DRL Coachlines in Newfoundland also offers tours of the province in addition to its regular schedule.

Finding specific information is not a difficult process. The best places to look are the company websites and telephone information lines, where schedules and ticket prices are always available.

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