Preparing for long journeys by bus

Passengers accustomed to air travel will notice how different restrictions are when taking the bus. While only two bags may be stored under the bus, as on planes, restrictions on what can be brought on the bus are considerably more lenient. Travellers can take as many bags and pillows as they wish on board as long as they do not encroach on anotherís space. With no take-off or landing, there is no requirement to store bags under the seat or in the overhead bins, and it is common for passengers to have two seats each, allowing them more room for stretching out and sleeping. Alcohol is not allowed on the bus, but there are few other restrictions about what can be taken on board. A bottle of water, snack food to eat between rest stops, and personal items such as toothbrushes and medicines can ease the trip, as well as activities to occupy the hours on the road.

One of the most noticeable features of bus travel is time. Especially on very long trips, finding something to do is important. Parents of small children should remember to pack sufficient books and toys to keep the young ones occupied, and all passengers, young or old, should be prepared to look for ways to allay boredom. A good supply of books, magazines, or crossword puzzle books can help occupy long hours on the bus, and many routes also include movies, played on screens scattered throughout the bus. Most regular headphones will work with the sound system on the bus, but headphones are also available at some major cities. There are also several music stations to listen to, and passengers can also have their own electronic devices as long as they do not disturb other travellers.

Riding on a bus for hours can cause serious discomfort for people with physical restrictions, and it is best to prepare for any problems that may ensue. Obtaining support pillows for back problems and packing special footwear for swollen feet are only two of the preparations travellers may want to make before setting out. People who are easily chilled should remember sweaters and possibly a blanket for night routes. A pillow can also help to ease the discomfort of tired bones.

Preparations will vary, but passengers will find the journey much more enjoyable if they remember to pack whatever supplies they need for their comfort and amusement.

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