Travel in Canada by Air

Air Canada is the national carrier and operates most of the routes within Canada. Different routes, especially in the north of Canada, are operated by privately owned and smaller airlines.

Discount Airlines

There are some discount airlines tickets provided by Air Canada and WestJet. Often the service is the same as full paying passengers but the tickets may need to be bought quite some time in advance and carry restrictions.

Remote Destinations and Northern Routes

Canada's size means that some places are not connected by road and air travel is the only option. Some remote and very northern destinations are accessible by air only. Air Canada provides service to the larger towns and smaller independent airlines operate a web of routes across the northern 2/3 of Canada.

Seaplane / Float Plane Services

Coastal communities and those around the Great Lakes can be accessed by floatplane service. This can be an enjoyable but costly way to travel. Some routes, such as Vancouver to Victoria, are operated by multiple airlines so competition helps keep the prices low. This can also be a quicker and more convenient option to taking the ferry as downtown to downtown services are offered.

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