Food and drink in Canada

Canada does not have a particular dish that is typically Canadian. Like most of the Canadian culture the food is ethnic. Due to this the selection of places to eat is plentiful and the quality of food is high.

You should not have any problem in finding something to suit your taste buds and you can often find a place to eat no matter how late it may be.

In the Atlantic Provinces seafood is the most popular and unlike the rest of Canada where large multinational chain restaurants are plentiful, most of the places to eat are privately owned or are operated by small, local chains.

Breakfasts can be found in diners with a good selection and large serving starting at $1 up to about $8. Lunch usually costs around about $10 and dinner about $15.

Most provinces restrict the sale of alcohol to government-operated outlets which keep normal business hours.

Food and drink in Canada
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