Sea to Sky Highway

The Sea to Sky Highway does it all, just as its name says. From its sea level beginnings at Horseshoe Bay in North Vancouver to its height forty-seven kilometres past Lillooet in the Coast Mountains, Highway 99 lives up to its nickname. The two-lane road can be treacherous as it winds up the mountains through Whistler and Squamish to its final destination, but the experience is unique.

Spectacular climate and scenery changes are part of the Sea to Sky route's attraction. The road begins in a coastal rainforest area of Horseshoe Bay, continuing up to the resort at Whistler. Hiking, viewing wildlife, and enjoying the fresh air next to one of the many small lakes in the area are only some of the activities visitors can enjoy on their way up the mountain. History enthusiasts will appreciate meeting with the Pemberton Trail and the Gold Rush Heritage Trail along the way, while hikers will enjoy the Garibaldi Provincial Park. Energetic visitors, however, may wish to take advantage of the mountain biking opportunities on side roads or through the bush.

If driving along the steep route is too daunting, the trains running from Horseshoe Bay to Squamish, with lines often parallel to the road, are good alternatives and still provide wonderful vistas and opportunities to stop. However travellers reach their destination, the Sea to Sky Highway is a spectacular journey from the depths to the heights of British Columbia's coast.

Sea to Sky Highway

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