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Montreal is a city with an appeal that engulfs any visitor as soon as they arrive. There is no need to get used to Montreal. The friendly, romantic city is a blend of English and French with a bi-lingual status. You never know if a person is going to speak French of English.

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada after Toronto with two thirds of the population French speaking it is also the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris. Montreal is an important business, financial and transportation centre with an increasing educational and high-tech interest.

Most of the downtown part of the city is accessible through the enormous underground complex that is designed so residents don't have to brave the freezing winter weather. About 40 city blocks are linked together by 31km of underground pedestrian walkways which includes with 6 metro stops, the Via Rail train station and Lucien L'Allier train station. Montreal has a reputation for comedy, fashion, shopping, and fine food. If you come to Montreal for this then you will not be disappointed.

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Top attractions and places to visit

  • Christ Church Cathedral
    A fine example of neo-Gothic architecture, Christ Shurh Cathedral was built between 1857 and 1859.
  • Montreal Science Centre
    The Montreal Science Centre invites you to discover new exploration halls, cultural and educational activities with a scientific flavour.
  • Montreal Biodome
    The only place in the world that represents four ecosystems of the Americas under one roof.
  • City Hall
    Montreal City Hall has a more turbulent history than its peacefull facade suggests.
  • Montreal Planetarium
    The Planetarium's Zeiss projector reproduces the sky as seen by the naked eye and other celestial phenomena.
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Random photos of Montreal
Montreal Skyline Perfect Pose Skating at Atrium le 1000 Montreal Biodome Cathedral of Montreal big birds Jardin Botanique quack Marche Vilette View From the MCC

Recent articles about Montreal

  • Tourisme Montréal launches podcast site and interactive blog
    Tourisme Montréal has innovated once again with the launch of, a brand-new podcast site and, an interactive blog.
  • Montreal for students and budget travellers
    Discovering Montreal can be inexpensive and as exciting as you’d imagine Canada’s second biggest city can be. Packed with restaurants, clubs, bars, museums, galleries, and an old Port, Montreal combines charm and adventure into one big party city. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive, though get ready to walk or buy a week-long tourist pack and take Canada’s most efficient transport system, the metro.
  • The Montréal Experience and how to get it
    If you're someone who thinks the rush to "globalization" has created an awful lot of "same-old same-old" in the world, you'll be heartened by a recent story in Gourmet magazine. In it, the journalists Jane and Michael Stern noted that the "onslaught of soulless fast food has been balanced by a resurgence of regional food" and applauded "a new generation who sustain what is now appreciated as local culture".
  • Montréal’s original Prima Donna
    A century or so ago, it wasn't romantic tenors like Pavarotti, Domingo and Bocelli who were all the rage. It was the ladies who starred-on stage and in the media. Singers like Nellie Melba, Lucia Tetrazzini, Mary Garden-and a formidable little talent from Montréal, Pauline Lightstone-ruled. Grown men swooned over them.
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