Reasons to visit Quebec

Canada’s largest province is also one of the most multicultural and diverse. Unlike any other jurisdiction in North America, Quebec has one of the most unique mixes of old-world meets new-world, English meets French, history meets today.

Multicultural Montreal
Montreal is probably the most multicultural of all Canadian cities. People from just about every walk of life can be found here. This friendly, romantic city has an instant appeal.

Smoked meat sandwich
One of the most famous delicacies to come from Montreal is the smoked meat sandwich. The city’s take on pastrami is available all over Canada due to its fame and popularity but the tastiest and most authentic Montreal Smoked Meat is indeed only found in Montreal.

Historic Quebec City
Discover the rich history of Quebec City, the only walled city north of Mexico. The city’s cobblestone streets are protected by canon batteries overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. One of Canada’s most iconic hotels, Chateau Frontenac is located within the city walls.

Quebec Winter Carnival
The world’s biggest outdoor winter festival, Carnaval de Québec, hits Quebec City on the last few days of January and runs for about 2 and a half weeks. This historic festival began in colonial times as a way to eat, drink and be merry.

Gaspe Peninsula
Just north of New Brunswick as the Saint Lawrence spills out into the Atlantic Ocean is a rounded chunk of land known as Gaspe. The spectacular landscape provides a backdrop for some of Quebec’s best outdoor adventures including hiking, climbing, camping, kayaking and whale watching.

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