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Waterloo, Ontario, is a growing city in southern Ontario, a short distance southwest of Toronto. Settled mainly by pacifist immigrants after the American Revolution, Waterloo has a very German flavour, with the largest Oktoberfest outside Germany and many tributes to the heritage of its early pioneers. Although Waterloo and Kitchener are technically part of the same city, the two areas still retain separate governments and downtown areas while sharing much of the same heritage and charm.

Waterloo is a good place to learn about the people who have made southern Ontario what it is now. The Hans Schneider Haus, a recreation of a nineteenth-century homestead, complements the shoofly pie and apple butter available at the Farmerís Market. Nearby St. Jacobís has ample information on the Amish, while William Lyon Mackenzie Kingís childhood home and other historic sites show the diversity of the regionís history.

Festivals and museums make life in Waterloo interesting. From the Ice Dogs Festival to an optometry museum, the city has fascinating activities to experience. Young and old will not want to miss the chance to see the butterfly conservatory and the cityís many other unique features. With so many things to see, Waterloo is more than worth a visit.

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