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London is a city situated in the Western part of Ontario, Canada having a population of about 430,000 people. The city hosts the seat of Middlesex County and it is situated at the half way between Toronto and Detroit. The first settlers to come in London, Ontario were the Europeans in 1826 and it was declared a city on January 1st 1855. In time, London has become the largest city in the region. It developed quite rapidly, soon becoming the leading economical municipality in the area. Tourism is one of the main focuses of the city’s administration.

London is considered to be one of the most attractive cities in Ontario. The city provides a lot of activities being an all year-round tourist attraction. The winter season is especially beautiful here and London is the perfect place for you to rediscover how fun winter can be because all the activities it offers. It is a great place for the snowmobile lovers, but this is not the only thing to do here during winter. London is also a great spot for those who are looking for a skiing or snowboarding vacation.

The summer season in London, Ontario is also full of activities and events. The place abounds in natural lakes that provide the setting for many summer fun activities. One of the most popular activities here is kayaking along the shores of Lake Superior. The natural beauty of the area is emphasised by the marvellous granite cliffs, boreal forests and the amazing waterfalls.

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  • Fanshaw Pioneer Village
    Fanshawe Pioneer Village is an early example of the museum type known as a “Pioneer Village,” initially developed in mid 20th century Ontario by Conservation Authorities. This type of museum was created as a natural extension of the core mandate of Conservation Authorities to provide an alternate use for heritage structures relocated during the creation of water reservoirs.
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