Kingston - Ontario

Located at the junction of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, Kingston is one of Ontario’s most historic and most modern cities. Kingston’s early importance is evident in Fort Henry and Upper Canada Village, while the Victorian buildings and museum artefacts indicate the city’s later importance. With museums exhibiting everything from historic artefacts to the city’s unique sash windows, the city is a haven for history enthusiasts.

Natural wonders abound near Kingston. A day trip to the Thousand Islands, which actually number more than 1800, is a wonderful way to explore the historic sites and modern developments along the St. Lawrence River. Within Kingston, summer always brings a profusion of growth and a celebration of the beauty of nature, while winter sports and community activities are available in season.

Kingston has a great deal to offer young and old, from sports to museums to concerts and cultural events. Just a short distance from the border with the United States and set along the river where Canadian history was made, Kingston is a place that all visitors to Ontario will want to see.

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