Cambridge - Ontario

Cambridge, Ontario, is a city where culture, history, and natural beauty come together. From former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King’s childhood home to the Grand River Watershed, Cambridge has something to interest everyone. The city hosts arts festivals, a camera club, a watercolour painting group, and much more.

Water is a major attraction in any city, and the Grand River passing through Cambridge is especially interesting. Part of a watershed covering 6800 square kilometres, the Grand River and its tributaries are home to eighty-two species of fish. Hiking, fishing, boating, or just watching boats pass through the locks are some of the attractions in and around Cambridge.

Cambridge is a city with a small-town atmosphere. Galleries, concerts, and bus trips are good ways to explore the city’s heritage and character, and the city’s art collection is extensive. Safari adventures have an exotic flavour, while chasing butterflies, picking apples, or just enjoying a quiet stroll along the river bring back memories of simpler times. As part of a tour of the southern tip of Ontario or as a trip on its own, Cambridge is worth taking the time to visit.

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