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Wolfville is located in north central Nova Scotia, one hundred kilometres from Halifax in the Annapolis Valley. Home to Acadia University, the town is an eclectic mixture of historic sites and natural beauties, with modern conveniences to make visitors comfortable. At the waterfront park’s tidal mud flats, set in front of the red cliffs of Bomidon, visitors can see the flora and fauna of the waterfront park or go to the interpretive centre to see one of Wolfville’s most distinctive bird varieties, the dipping and diving chimney swift. Paths along the dikes provide ideal places for watching the tides go in and out, or just for admiring the scenery. Minas Basin is especially spectacular, with one of the highest tides in the world for its size, and Acadia University is worth a visit for its artistic and botanical sights.

Wolfville’s place in history is captured in the museums and historic sites displaying the lives of nineteenth-century New England immigrants. Just five kilometres outside of the town is the Grand Pré National Historic Site which recreates the era of early Acadian settlers, with a village featuring a small stone church, a blacksmith’s shed, and a bust of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, whose poem about the Acadians is still well known. The area of Wolfville continues to inspire interest to this day.

Relaxing after a day of sightseeing is easy in Wolfville, with a selection of hotels and dining establishments available. From campsites and motels to upscale inns, the town has something to suit any budget, and the restaurants will satisfy all tastes. Downtown Wolfville has many interesting shops to see and ways to spend a quiet evening. With so much to do and see, Wolfville is a fascinating part of any visit to Nova Scotia.

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