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  • A Trip to Halifax
    If I had to sum up my trip to Halifax in one word, I would say “enlightening”. I expected to find myself in a sleepy fishing village, but as it turns out, Halifax is anything but tired. It’s a surprisingly vibrant, cosmopolitan place.
  • Halifax, a year-round destination
    Discover Halifax's 4 season appeal.
  • Lobster Season: The Race for Taste
    November sees the start of Lobster Season. Find out what happens on "Dumping Day" and how to make your own delicious lobster chowder.
  • The Cabot Trail: A Taste of Scotland in Canada
    Explore Nova Scotia and the Cabot Trail. Experience the breathtaking scenery, lobsters, whales and winding roads.
  • Tis the Season: Christmas Tree Shopping the Nova Scotia Way
    There is nothing quite like a Christmas tree to invoke the spirit of the holidays, and in Nova Scotia, where 2 million such trees are harvested every year, a real tree is a must. Whether it is the scent of balsam or the memories that each ornament, carefully unfolded, produces, what was once referred to as a “pesky little bush” by early European settlers is now a true holiday institution. And in Nova Scotia, the Christmas tree hunt does not have to take place in a shopping mall tree lot. For many families the search for the perfect tree starts early and is accompanied by relatives, neighbors, and friends…oh, and a festive nametag, of course.
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