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Welcome to the June issue.

With the topic of green and eco-friendly on everyone’s minds right now we thought it was a great time to show what Canada has to offer in ecotourism. Earlier this week we launched a comprehensive guide to ecotourism and green travel options, along with sustainable travel advice and lots of other useful, practical and in many cases - cost saving – tips and ideas.

We also look at the green movement and wonder “is this an eco-evolution”? James Glave investigates the phenomenon that is gaining momentum on a global level.

As we get out to explore, this issue we visit the village of Blackville, the salmon fishing capital of New Brunswick and we hear what the central Okanagan city of Penticton, British Columbia, has to offer visitors who come to enjoy the two large lakes on either side of town.

Issue 31 : June 2008

Our Articles and Stories

» Introducing the Green Travel Guide

June sees the launch of Green Travel Guide by Trail Canada. We are very proud to announce our latest guide to ecotourism and sustainable travel.

In the Green Travel Guide:
- Eco-rated accommodation
- Advice on where to go
- How to travel and not leave a carbon footprint
- Our very own Green Blog

Photo Contest
We are also running a contest with a fantastic prize from VIA Rail Canada so be sure to check that out too.
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» The green travel “evolution”

By James Glave

Increasing numbers of us are making more informed choices about how we travel, how often and where we choose to go. Find out about travelling green and if this really is a new eco-evolution. Read about the green travel “evolution” » »

» Great holidays and adventures in Blackville

By Gail Langdon

A unique and vibrant business has recently opened up in South Cains, which is just outside of Blackville, New Brunswick. Blackville, a Village of about 1000 residents, is known as the “Salmon Fishing Capital of New Brunswick”. Many people head to Blackville and the surrounding areas from May to October annually to fish, hunt and enjoy nature at its best.
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Top Picks of the Month

When visiting Canada:

be sure to check out our Sustainable Travel Tips page for advice on eco-friendly travel.
Sustainable Travel Tips

Destination Spotlight

What's in our guide to Penticton :

Penticton, British Columbia

Watersports and lakeside adventures

By Bryn White

Nestled between two vast warm water lakes with miles of beach and secret coves, Penticton is well known as a water-lover’s destination no matter what your choice of vessel. Every season, thousands of people enjoy the smooth sand and gentle lapping waves on the beaches of Okanagan and Skaha Lake. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day of dipping with the family, or want to hype-up your adrenaline behind a ski boat, Penticton’s lakes offer something for everyone.

Far beyond Penticton’s shores are miles of playground. Just minutes from town, you could be exploring remote and private beaches by sail, motor, or the power of your own paddle. Cruises and charters ply the waters with style, and anyone can learn the ropes at sailing school. Rent a personal watercraft, kayak or motorboat for a day, or an overnight excursion. Both lakes are favorite haunts for water contests, so keep your eyes out for sailing races, water-ski/wake-board competitions and dragons!

From early spring to late fall, the waters surrounding Penticton become the arena for traditional and historic paddling events that feature battling water monsters and honoring water-going ways of life. Growing in popularity are ancient cultural water traditions that bring together modern recreation with the customs of antiquity.

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From the Editors Desk

I hope you enjoy our new guide to green travel. Canada has always been associated with fresh air, mountains, clean water and stunning natural beauty. It is important we remember this and as Canada increasingly becomes a popular destination the natural splendour is protected for future generations.

Have a great June and see you on the trail,


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