Stephenville - Newfoundland & Labrador

Stephenville is located on the west coast of Newfoundland, surrounded on three sides by the Long Range Mountains. This mid-sized town is in an ideal position for sports activities; in summer, abandoned railway lines serve as paths for cyclists and walkers, while the International Appalachian Trail and the Caribou trail are only a few of the hiking routes winding through the Long Range Mountains. Outdoor enthusiasts can find an almost endless array of activities in the Stephenville area.

Founded in 1844, Stephenville has a long and dynamic history. The town’s original name was Acadian Village, although many of its original settlers were English-speaking migrants from Nova Scotia. Now, Stephenville celebrates a variety of cultural expressions with the Stephenville Musicfest, as well as professional and amateur theatre, music, and visual arts. For visitors interested in exploring the history of the area, Stephenville’s museums and historic sites are good places to begin.

With the Trans-Canada Highway running just east of the town, Stephenville gives ready access to many interesting sights. Nearby Port au Port features Our Lady of Mercy Church, Newfoundland’s largest wooden structure, as well as an alpaca and llama farm. Tours of the surrounding area are available from Stephenville and the surrounding towns, offering the opportunity to see whales or buy local crafts. Ample restaurants and accommodations add to the comfort of travel, while the fascinating sights make Stephenville a worthwhile place for any traveller to visit.

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