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St. John's is a city that feels like a town. St. John's rises above the harbour surrounding the natural inlet, up to Signal Hill what is said to be the birthplace of the British Empire. The windy streets and wooden houses occupy the view with few tall buildings and the industry confined to the south side of the harbour squeezed along a single road between the harbour and the hillside.

St. John's is the beginning of the Trans Canada Highway as it begins its 7775km journey from coast to coast. St. John's is known as the 'Gateway to Canada' and with Cape Spear, the most eastern point in the Americas being only 15 minutes south, St. John's is the furthest town out into the Atlantic on the continent.

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  • Cape Spear National Historic Site
    Cape Spear National Historic Site is situated at the most easterly point in North America. The cultural and natural history of this point is rich and continues to develop. Here, overlooking the North Atlantic, stands the oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland, a Second World War coastal defence battery and the place where the Millennium first saw the light of dawn in North America.
  • Court House
    Opened in 1901, the Court House on Duckworth Street is an impressive Victorian-era stone building made with local granite and sandstone. The stonework was cleaned in 1988 and the neo-Romanesque Court House today looks very much as it did in 1901.
    This provincial historic site was constructed in 1818 -1821. This gracious Georgian structure is located in the east end and served as the home and office of the Assistant Commissary General. Guides in period costumes are on hand to show visitors through the site which is restored, furnished and decorated to the 1830 time period.
    The Ocean Sciences Centre is a cold ocean research facility operated in conjunction with Memorial University of Newfoundland. Located in Logy Bay, the Centre houses laboratories where research is conducted on the North Atlantic fishery, aquaculture, oceanography, ecology, behaviour and physiology. Research is conducted on organisms ranging from bacteria to seals.
    unique facility on the shores of Long Pond in the heart of Pippy Park. A series of nine panoramic viewing windows gives visitors a chance to see the secret underwater life of a river.
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Fort Amherst St. John's Harbour View Duckworth Street Colourful Wooden Houses George street Colonial Building Fishing Boats Supreme Court Jellyfish Harbourside streets

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  • Signal Hill: The View From the Edge
    Imagine standing at the top of a hill at the eastern edge of Canada. On one side is a city on an island, and beyond that are vast distances of prairies, mountains, cities, and towns. On the other side is a seemingly endless expanse of water, cold and blue. Signal Hill stands near the eastern edge of Newfoundland, overlooking St. Johnís on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, making it ideal as a meeting ground of political, economic, and scientific interests, and in modern times, as a tourist site.
  • Set Sail for St. John's, Newfoundland
    Canada's youngest province has been the site of some of North America's oldest European settlements. Isolated and remote seaside villages have preserved cultures and customs distinctly unique from her Maritime neighbours. A trip to the capital, St. John's, is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, in what this beautiful province has to offer.
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