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Situated in New Brunswick, Saint John (the name is always spelled out in full to avoid confusion with St. John's, Newfoundland) is located at the mouth of the Saint John River. The history of the place as well as the energy that runs through the city today goes some way to explain why Saint John is recommended it as one of the "must see" spots in Canada. The impressive history of Saint John goes back to the 1500s, when Norman fishermen were entering what is known today as Saint John Harbor. The attractions of the city are numerous, ranging from history to raw nature, from fun activities to culture and a well-established society.

One of the most interesting things to see in this city are the reversing falls. This phenomenon happens near the river mouth, where tidal fluctuations of 30 feet reverse the river flow, so that the current changes in the opposite direction. This happens twice a day and it truly is a spectacular sight. Other attractions include the New Brunswick Museum located in downtown Saint John, with its immense collection of relics and artifacts from the colonial times. You will also be impressed at the sight of the 45-foot whale displayed there and the numerous other interesting exhibits.

If you wish to capture a sense of how life goes on in Saint John you should head for the city market. Take the Victorian Stroll and head for the Imperial Theatre for a journey back in time. Or take a walk on Mispec Beach, visit the LePreau Falls and the New River Beach and relax in Rockwood Park or the fascinating Irving Nature Park. Saint John is one of those places that create memories that last a lifetime - make sure to put it on your visiting list!

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