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Moncton, New Brunswick’s second largest city, is located just under one hundred kilometres away from the province’s eastern coast, on the banks of the Petitcodiak River. First settled by German and Dutch immigrants, Moncton became home to Acadians returning after their deportation and is now approximately one third French-speaking. The city’s rich history is captured in its museums and the Monument LeFebvre National Historic site, but Moncton is about much more than just history.

Festivals, museums, shopping, and dining are part of what makes Moncton special. From an international French film festival to the displays of the Acadian Museum on the Université de Moncton campus and the many monuments scattered around the city, Moncton gives tribute to the people who helped the community grow to become the thriving city it now is.

Outdoor enthusiasts will always find something to do in and around Moncton. Magnetic Hill and the red sandstone towers of Hopewell Cape are two of the most popular attractions, but many activities are available, from watching the rushing waters of the tidal bore to wandering the streets of downtown Moncton. The numerous restaurants and facilities make a stay in the city comfortable, while the sights and sounds of Moncton make any visit worthwhile.

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