Miramichi - New Brunswick

Miramichi, New Brunswick, is an amalgamation of several smaller communities located near Fredericton. Formed from Chatham, Newcastle, and other towns and rural areas, Miramichi is an English-speaking enclave in a largely French-speaking area. A centre for fishing, cultural activities, and much more, Miramichi is an ideal place to experience the unique culture of the Maritimes.

The towns that make up Miramichi have a wide range of cultural events and historic sites for tourists to visit. The oldest folk festival in North America takes place there, and a large Irish festival each summer is always a highlight. A basilica in Chatham and a museum in Douglastown are only two of the places where visitors can learn about the area’s history, and the MacDonald Farm Historic Site gives an insight into farm life in the early nineteenth century.

Nature is a large part of what makes Miramichi special. Even the Atlantic Salmon that have made the area famous have their own museum, while interpretive centres give information on the land around the Miramichi River. Fishing is a common activity on the river, where salmon and other fish swim. In the towns, comfortable accommodations and delicious food make any stay enjoyable. With so much to do and see, Miramichi is one of New Brunswick’s most interesting places to visit.

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