Great Holidays and Outdoor Adventures in Blackville, New Brunswick

By Gail Langdon  

A unique and vibrant business has recently opened up in South Cains, which is just outside of Blackville, New Brunswick. Blackville, a Village of about 1000 residents, is known as the “Salmon Fishing Capital of New Brunswick”. Many people head to Blackville and the surrounding areas from May to October annually to fish, hunt and enjoy nature at its best.

Five years ago Dirk Buba moved to from Germany to New Brunswick to fulfill his dream of relocating to Canada; and the initial idea for Beaver Lodge was conceived. Buba commissioned a local contractor to construct the lodge and has spent the last five years finishing it to the point that is was ready for guests. In September of 2006 Buba met up with New Brunswick resident, Gail Langdon. They soon realized that with their common goals, past experiences, complementing strengths and a strong bond that had formed between them it was inevitable to become business partners.

Together they analyzed the local tourism markets in all areas and decided that the best way to succeed was to be unique in what they offered. From these brainstorming sessions, Buba Canada Adventures was born so not only could they offer accommodations to their guests, but also travel planning and holiday adventures.

Beaver Lodge is a luxury 4000 square foot log lodge that was constructed on 10 acres of private forest land. Buba and Langdon endeavor to offer their guests all the modern conveniences in the most natural setting possible. Their main goal is to offer guests a balanced combination of relaxation, comfort and adventure.

Guests have the option of renting out the private suites in the bed and breakfast, or for larger groups, renting the entire lodge. “We want to offer our guests flexibility and versatility,” says Buba, “In today’s world, this is what people need and require. This is why we came up with the concept for Beaver Lodge and Buba Canada Adventures.” There are also unserviced camping sites available on the property for those who want to experience the outdoors in a more realistic and natural manner.

At the lodge, guests have the option to go on a fishing or hunting expedition with a professional guide; golfing tours; explore on ATV or snowmobile tours; canoe or kayak down one of our many breath-taking rivers in the area; take their families on a tubing adventure; hike on one of the many trails we have developed at the lodge; or sit back and relax in the evening in our hot tub, enjoy a glass of wine, listen to the sounds of nature and watch the many stars in the clear sky above. Buba, being a master hairstylist and owner of two hair salons in Germany for the past 26 years, has also constructed a hair salon at the lodge, so guests have the option for some beautification treatments as well.

“We cater to all markets of tourists. We have guests from the local market sometimes just looking for a long weekend break, we can cater to corporate retreats, or to the guests that we target from Europe and Asia.”, says Langdon. They also offer a full travel service for international guests, including flight arrangements, accommodation arrangements and are now promoting self-drive tours across Atlantic Canada. “We have really put a push on to promote New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada”, says Langdon. “Raising the exposure level to what we can offer here in New Brunswick is very important to us. If we can do this successfully, everybody will benefit in the end.”

Buba says, “Our other main goal right now is to form partnerships with the European and other international tour operators to bring the guests into New Brunswick. Beaver Lodge is open year round, so the challenge at this point is getting people in on flights. There is no problem during the “tourist season” but in the off season we really need to work on this.” Langdon has joined a committee that was formed by some members of the Miramichi Tourism Association to try to address the flight issues for all tourism operators in New Brunswick.

The other unique service offered at Beaver Lodge is an “English school”. “Next year we will be offering an intensive English course for German guests. We are very excited about this concept. Half the day will be in-class work and the other half of the day will be learning English through adventure and fun.”, says Langdon. Buba said, “We really are confident the English classes will be successful. We anticipate they will be so popular we will have to add subsequent courses. Should the need be there, we would be willing to run one course every season.”

Buba and Langdon are also predicting that the guests they bring into the area will help the economy in Blackville and surrounding local communities. The mill in town closed down permanently this spring and a lot of people lost their jobs. “We anticipate there will be an economic spin-off for the local community from the tourists; this is our hope.”, says Buba.

Next year they plan an expansion at the lodge including the addition of two cottages, several more camping sites, a swimming pool and the construction of an outdoor sauna. For more information on the lodge and services available please visit the websites at or

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