Wapusk National Park of Canada

If you want to see some polar bears in action, you should definitely check out the Wapusk National Park of Canada. The name of the park: Wapusk means white bear in Cree language. The park is located in Manitoba, on the shores of Hudson Bay and extends over 11,000 square kilometers of land. However, it will be quite difficult to get to the park, as the access is limited. This is due to the fact that the park protects the polar bears, including a polar bear maternity. The scenery is wild and contains lowlands of the Hudson James, wetlands, muskeg or wet peat lands. The scenery is unique, the site being the most remote park in Canada.

Random photos of Wapusk National Park
Arctic Hare Polar Bear Polar Bear Nursing Polar bear and two cubs Polar Bear rolling around Ptarmigan Snowy Owl

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