Ukkusiksalik National Park of Canada

The Ukkusiksalik National Park of Canada is a large park that has been newly established in 2003. The park is located in Nunavut and spreads over 20, 000 square kilometers. The entire park is made up of tundra vegetation that lies on a land that stretches from the Hudson Bay and until the Nunavut, near the Arctic Circle. The park also circles the Wager Bay. There are over 500 archaeological sites to visit here. a spectacular waterfall is also worthwhile seeing. The park hosts species of grizzly bears, polar bears, arctic wolves, caribous, seals and falcons. The vegetation contains birch, willows, avens and other species that are typical for tundra. The park used to be inhabited by the Inuit people up till 1960.

National Parks of Canada

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