Ivvavik National Park of Canada

Situated in Yukon, the Ivvavik National Park of Canada is a large park (of 10,168 square kilometres) that was set up in 1984. The meaning of the word Ivvavik in Inuvialuktun is nursery or birthplace. This park was the first one to be established with the joint land claim agreement of the native inhabitants of the area, the Inuvialuit. The history and the tradition of the Ivvavik National park are rich and a trip here will enrich you spiritually. The sites are wonderful and the areas are populated by porcupine caribou herds that are being protected together with the calving grounds and the natural regions of Northern Yukon and the Mackenzie Delta. The sun sets in these areas are spectacular and you can watch them if you choose to spend a weekend in this Natural Park.

National Parks of Canada

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