Glacier National Park of Canada

The Glacier National Park of Canada is situated in British Columbia, containing a part of the Columbia Mountains plus the Roger Pass National Historic Centre (Roger pass being Canada's first major transportation route). The entire area covers around 1349 square kilometers. The park is a traditional one, having been opened since 1886. The name of the park comes from the fact that it contains many glaciers. In addition, there are high peaks that are over 2600 meters, and there are various types of plants and animals. You will find cedar trees, hemlocks, grizzly bears, mountains goats and mountain caribous. The climate is moist and warm, which makes the Glacier National Park a pleasant place to spend a weekend while camping, hiking or biking.

Random photos of Glacier National Park
Connaught Creek View from Rogers Pass Columbia Mountains Summitt of Mt Sir Donald Ski Mountaineering Rogers

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