Georgian Bay Islands National Park of Canada

If you want to take a boat trip you can go to a special location of several small islands. The Georgian Bay Islands National Park of Canada was opened in 1929 and is located in Ontario, encompassing 59 small islands that from the Georgian Bay. It is a very small park, having 13 square kilometers altogether. The scenery combines pine tree forests, wetlands and rocky areas plus the hardwood forests. The largest island of the 59 is the Beausoleil Island, where you ca get by boat and camp over night and go hiking. The species that are found in these islands include reptiles, turtles and snakes (such as the poisonous the Massasauga), gulls and terns.

Random photos of Georgian Bay Islands National Park
Georgian Bay Island Georgian Bay Rocks Georgian Bay Trees Georgian Bay Sunset Georgian Bay Waters South-East Wooded Pine South-East Wooded Pine Is Tenting Sunset Georgian Bay South-East Wooded Pine

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