Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada is one of the tourist attractions in the province of Nova Scotia. This is a place that will amaze you with its variety of beautiful landscapes such as high mountainous areas with lovely waterfalls and abundant forests and the low ocean fantastic view. The entire park spreads over 950 square kilometers of land. Following the track of the mountainous areas of the park will lead you to tundra like plateau called the Cape Breton Highlands. The park also contains golf courses where you can relax and enjoy your time spent in nature. As a matter of fact, this golf course is one of the most prestigious in Canada. The wildlife that you can find in this park includes moose, black bears, eagles, conifer trees, boreal forests and deciduous trees.

Random photos of Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Corney Brook

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