Sustainable travel

Travel has so many benefits: recreation, cultural exchange, learning, the list goes on. Unfortunately, it also has an unfortunate consequence: consumption of fossil fuels to move people and goods around releases greenhouse gases (GHGs) which contribute to climate change. Taken as a whole, the transportation sector is responsible for approximately one third of all emissions in North America. The typical North American vehicle emits five tonnes of CO2 and other GHGs in a year.

Air travel currently accounts for about 3% of global GHG emissions, but these emissions are increasing by about 5% every year. Furthermore, the altitude at which airplanes emit CO2, other greenhouse gases, and water vapour makes air travel particularly damaging to the atmosphere. One way to reduce the environmental impact of your travels – after avoiding unnecessary trips – is to offset the emissions from your flights.

Offsetters online calculators allows you to see how much CO2e is produced as a result of your flight or driving and to eliminate those emissions by purchasing carbon offsets.