Ecotourism in Canada

According to the dictionary, ecotourism means “the business of organizing holidays to places that people do not usually visit in a way which helps local people and does not damage the environment”. Ecotourism, or ecological tourism, in Canada is much more than holidays in unusual destinations. Now you can visit just about anywhere in Canada and be an ecotourist, or at the very least, be environmentally responsible.

Ecotourism can include different criteria depending on what it actually is and where the tourism is occurring. Some of these criteria include:

  • Promoting culture, wildlife and natural scenery as the primary attractions
  • Visiting natural destinations whilst not damaging the environment
  • Conserving the biological diversity of the surrounding ecosystem
  • Respecting and protecting of the local culture and customs
  • Sharing of any economic or social benefits with the local community
  • Not causing unnecessary waste in the forms of excessive or luxury use of resources such as electricity or water