Eco activities and things to do

Going green doesn’t mean its just for the active outdoors person. Canada’s ecotourism caters for all ages and interests. Whether you want to relax at a wilderness resort or raft the rapids there is something for everyone.

The landscape is what forms the basis for most ecotourism worldwide and Canada definitely takes full advantage of the rich natural resources available. From the Rocky Mountains to the three oceans which surround Canada and the grassy plains of the Prairies there is a large area of land which is filled with things to do.

Farming has been a major part of Canada’s development as a country and today offers agritourism retreats, farmers’ markets and access to a different type of landscape. Wildlife is also a huge draw for visitors so make sure you bring your camera and keep an eye out for whales, bears, moose and more.

Where you’re in Canada make sure you explore more than just the scenery. Arts and culture including the First Nations and hundreds of historic and heritage sites offer a fascinating insight into the diverse cultures which make up today’s Canada.