People of Canada and Canadian Society

People and Society of Canada

Canada has a widely spread population of 31,413,990 (July 2002). Most people live within 300km of the southern border. Almost 35% of Canadians are of British descent, 20% French and Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Dutch, Greek, Polish and Scandinavian make up a large portion of the population.

The aboriginal people who account for 470,000 Native Indians and 32,000 Inuit are much less than when the Europeans first inhabited Canada. There are also approximately 450,000 Metis, the name used to denote those of mixed aboriginal and European blood. All together this group of inhabitants accounts for around 4% of the population.

Inuits are the Eskimos of Canada and Inuit is the preferred word that helps to distinguish from other Eskimo civilisations such as those in Asia.

Canada is home to over 2250 reserves set up by the government as recognised areas set aside for the Native peoples. 70% of the Natives live on these reserves, most of which are in poverty and rely on government assistance.

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