Canada's National Parks, Provincial Parks and Historic Sites

National Parks, Provincial Parks and Historic Sites

The national parks across Canada and hundreds of provincial parks provide a unique experience which can be enjoyed year round. The national and provincial parks preserve the natural areas of Canada and provide protection to the wildlife, plant life and unique landscape.

Cabot Tower, Signal Hill In many parks you can rent canoes, row boats, tents, or bicycles. Some parks charge for entry however many are free or can be accessed by a permit.

Over 850 national historic sites can be visited across Canada. Open during the day only and sometimes closed in the winter, the sites preserve artefacts, buildings and other items precious to Canada's history.

Canada is also home to many world heritage sites and 11 biosphere reserves.

Parks Canada is the Canadian federal government agency responsible for the national parks, conservation areas and historic sites. Parks Canada centres are a valuable source for advice and information to visitors.

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