Geography of Canada

Geography of Western Canada Rocky Mountains

Western Canada and the Rocky Mountains include the provinces of British Columbia, the western part of Alberta and the southern regions of Yukon Territory. Most of the terrain in Western Canada is rugged mountains. However, British Columbia is also home to rainforests, a desert, rolling green pastures and world-class winemaking vineyards. Most of Western Canada is coniferous forest.

The Rocky Mountains are part of the North American continental divide reaching from the Arctic Circle into the United States. Most of the mountains are impassable and the handful of routes through the Canadian Rockies are noted as some of the most spectacular drives and rail routes anywhere in the world.

The Pacific Coast is home to thousands of islands, the largest being Vancouver Islands. Separated from the mainland by the Georgia Strait and Juan de Fuca Strait, Vancouver Island is where the capital of British Columbia, Victoria, can be found.

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