Geography of Canada

Geography of the Maritimes and Atlantic Canada

The Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia make up Eastern Canada. The Atlantic Provinces incorporate these Maritime Provinces and also include Newfoundland and Labrador.

Most of the Maritimes are forested areas with river valleys and plenty of coastlines.

Prince Edward Island is connected to the mainland by the Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick and a ferry route to northern Nova Scotia.

Cape Breton is Nova Scotia's northern island which is accessibly by road and rail routes which cross a causeway. Cape Breton is also home to a huge inland lake known as Bras d'Or Lake and the Cape Breton Highlands

The island of Newfoundland and northern region of Labrador are mostly barren regions which can see icebergs floating by major settlements. The Capital of the province, St. John's, has a varied climate due to its location on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

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