Canadian Sports, Arts & Leisure

Canadian Arts, Sports & Leisure

Arts and culture is lived and breathed in every corner of Canada. Due to an ethnic and immigrant population the variety and richness of art and sports is very evident.

Since the Second World War, Canada has produced an impressive amount of writing. From novels to poetry, the selection is wide. Native writers are also becoming better known across Canada in recent years.

Musicians are reaching a higher level of recognition in the world music scene. Everything from Country to Pop, Classical to Heavy Rock can be found across Canada and across the globe performed by Canadian artists.

Film Crew in Canada The National Film Board is the primary producer of movies in Canada however many Hollywood studios are turning to Canada as a source for locations and as an alternative to the more expensive USA. Many well known actors, directors, screen writers and movies come from Canada and often scoop awards for their work.

French art was the first to appear in Canada along the St Lawrence in and around Quebec. Since then the volume of art and artists has increased. Canadian photography as well as painting by Canadians are not well known outside of Canada but recognition is increasing.

Sport is a major part of today's society in Canada. Hockey is the most popular spectator sport with more participants taking part in curling. American style football and baseball are also very popular and all of these sports are played across Canada.

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