Visit Canada - Guide to Canada

Visit Canada - Guide to Canada

Your guide to Canada

Canada is as varied as it is vast. Stretching over 7,000km from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from as far south as the latitude Barcelona and Rome, Canada's typical landscapes are the Rocky Mountains with it's deep blue lakes and snow capped peaks, the never-ending forests and golden, flowing wheatfields of the prairies. Surprisingly, Canada offers rainforests and deserts, enormous fjords, thriving orchards and vineyards.

While there may be no such thing as a typical Canadian, the 90% of the country's 31 million inhabitants live less than 100 miles of the US border in the south leaving the majority of the 10,000,000 square kilometres of wilderness untouched.

The British and French majorities of Canada are surrounded by an ethnic mosaic of Chinese, Ukrainians, Portuguese, Indians, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Spanish and Italians to name but a few.

You may not see a beaver crossing the street in Toronto, or find a lumberjack resting at a coffee shop in Vancouver, or a red-clad Mountie riding his horse, Maple Syrup is one Canadian icon that can be found just about everywhere. Hockey fans and players are equally widespread and you often don't have to travel too far to see what you might envisage as being "Canadian". What is Canadian? According to one of Canada's finest writers, Pierre Berton, Canadians are "people who know how to make love in a canoe".

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