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The city of Trois Rivières, located on the St. Lawrence River halfway between Montréal and Quebec City, is an old city with a modern façade. Currently celebrating its 375th anniversary, the city is one of the oldest cities in North America, but after a 1908 fire that destroyed most of the historic buildings, Trois Rivières has a modern character. Some original structures still remain, however, such as the Ursulines’ Museum, housed in a convent established in 1697, and the Old Prison of Trois Riviéres, built in 1822. The historic sites that still remain give a fascinating view into the lives of some of the area’s early settlers.

In common with many other North American settlements, Trois Riviéres was built on the commerce and exploration stemming from rivers. The city’s location makes it ideal for modern explorations of the historic waterway, including hiking, sailing, bird watching, and more. The many trees in the area have helped build a pulp and paper industry, celebrated in the city’s exhibition centre, while the internationally famous racetrack could be worth a visit for fans of the sport.

The Arts are also well represented in Trois Riviéres. La Galerie d’Art du Park holds large collections of contemporary art, while concerts and festivals celebrate special events such as the National Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture. With events for children and adults, Trois Riviéres has something to attract every visitor. For sports, art, and history, the city is an ideal place to visit.

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