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Osoyoos is located near the Canada/United States border in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, sixty kilometres south of Penticton. Set in Canada’s largest desert, Osoyoos is a fascinating place where arid land and wine country come together. With scenic lookouts over the Okanagan Valley and Washington State, interpretive paths through the desert, and historic sites, Osoyoos is one of the province’s most interesting towns.

Since its founding in the early nineteenth century as a Hudson Bay Company Trading post, Osoyoos has grown and changed. Agriculture and tourism are the town’s main sources of income, with wine grapes as one of the major crops and the desert as the main tourist feature. The International Hiking and Biking Trail runs by the town, while water sports such as swimming and boating are available in Osoyoos Lake. Fishing for bass, carp, and trout in the lake is also a popular activity, while horseback riding along the nearby trails is a good way to see the area.

The desert draws visitors to Osoyoos, but the many activities keep them there. The Rattlesnake Canyon Family Entertainment Park is fun for young and old, while the interactive Desert Centre is a good place to learn about places like the Pocket Desert Federal Ecological Reserve. The art gallery and historic windmill are well known in the region, while the museum is deemed one of the best in the region. With so many unusual features, Osoyoos is a special place for residents and visitors.

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