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Delta is the largest community in the Greater Vancouver area. Delta's flat landscape is 50% farmland because the land is very fertile, being at the mouth of the Fraser River. Burns Bog, in North Delta is 40 km2 of natural wetlands with a wide variety of wildlife. It is the largest undeveloped urban landmass in North America. The Bog has 140 species of birds, 20 species of mammals, and 126 different flora.

The first time Europeans landed in Delta in 1791, they thought it was an island and named it "Isla Capeda." Later in 1879 when Europeans Thomas and William Ladner settled and had begun farming in the area they named it Delta, and made the village of Ladner the city centre.

There are three communities in Delta and together they boast one of the lowest crime rates in Greater Vancouver. North Delta is a mostly suburban area which is home to about half of the municipality's population. Ladner contains about a quarter of the population, and is known for its fishing and farming and is home to the 300 hectare Reifel Bird Sanctuary, which has over 230 species of birds. In the South, Tsawwassen contains the other quarter of the population, is known as the sunniest place in the Greater Vancouver, and boasts luxury, waterfront homes, the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, and the only access point to the peninsula of Point Roberts in the United States.

Before the 1950's Delta was a fairly isolated community. Then with the completion of the George Massy tunnel, and later the building of the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, and more recently the Alex Fraser Bridge, Delta's population grew over 400% between the 1960s and the 1980s. Now two major freeways (the #91 and #99 hwy's) and two major highways (the #10 and #17).

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