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  • Back country skiing in British Columbia
    We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite back country ski destinations passed Whistler and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a long day out or a 4 day adventure, we’ve got you covered.
  • BC’s Resorts Suit Up for Another Season of Exceptional Snow
    Last year it was all about the snow - and there was plenty of it.
  • Capital Christmas
    Canada at Christmas represents a signature of community and this year our 13 capital cities across the nation are linked by one grand, annual event.
  • Charlottetown's Jack Frost Children's Winterfest
    Prince Edward Island’s third annual winter festival. This event, the Jack Frost Children's WinterFest, kicks into gear on February 16-18, 2007.
  • Ice Ice Crazy - Canada's ice festivals (2007)
    Where do you have to go to see crystallized swans, Vikings, dragons, a giant elephant, and even King Kong grasping an airplane all in one day? If you guessed the movies, the zoo or an amusement park - you’re not even close. Welcome to Canada, land of the free and land of the cold, which means anything in your wildest imagination is possible. In a country where ice and snow play a huge part in our heritage and identity, we in return, learn from a young age how to play with the ice and snow that blankets our backyards for almost half the year.
  • Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights: Tinker Bell meets T-Rex
    Christmas season is around the corner, and with it comes memories of taking decorations from storage, and of course, dragging out the strands of electric light sets and creating outdoor displays. Anyone looking for inspiration in decorating for Christmas would do well to visit the Winter Festival of Lights held in Niagara Falls.
  • Ontario ski areas near the Greater Toronto Area
    Although the hills in Southern Ontario may not be as well known as those in BC, Alberta or Quebec, there are many popular and accessible resorts that are both fun, nearby and cost efficient.
  • Rodin and Hiking: A Winnipeg Winter
    The nights are frosty and the cooler days now vastly outnumber the warm ones. In lakes and ponds, the ducks and geese are gathering, and occasionally a “V” of birds passes overhead. Signs of the end of summer are multiplying, and classes are in full swing for students of all ages. In Winnipeg, as in many other Canadian cities, fall is a time when people return from their summer travel to settle down for another season, getting back to the daily routines they put on hold for the warm summer months. Yet there are still many events to attract visitors to Manitoba's capital city in the fall and winter months; for activities ranging from sports to bird-watching to attending concerts, Winnipeg is the place to be in the coming season.
  • Snow-shoeing in Garibaldi Provincial Park
    For people who love the outdoors, Garibaldi Provincial Park is a near-perfect destination. During summer, it is home to a myriad of amazing hikes and in winter its time to strap on your snow-shoes.
  • Tis the Season: Christmas Tree Shopping the Nova Scotia Way
    There is nothing quite like a Christmas tree to invoke the spirit of the holidays, and in Nova Scotia, where 2 million such trees are harvested every year, a real tree is a must. Whether it is the scent of balsam or the memories that each ornament, carefully unfolded, produces, what was once referred to as a “pesky little bush” by early European settlers is now a true holiday institution. And in Nova Scotia, the Christmas tree hunt does not have to take place in a shopping mall tree lot. For many families the search for the perfect tree starts early and is accompanied by relatives, neighbors, and friends…oh, and a festive nametag, of course.
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