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  • Bed and Breakfasts - Romantic and Relaxing
    Unwind and be pampered at a romantic Canadian bed and breakfast.
  • Canada timeshare - the luxurious affordable travel alternative
    There are so many things to do and see in Canada. This expansive country has countless destinations that feature fun and exciting activities. Canada is also plentiful with luxurious timeshares.
  • Europeans love Canada’s rugged wilderness, especially from the comfort of a rental RV
    Backcountry camping, cooking over an open fire, enjoying spectacular vistas, and potentially viewing wildlife unique to this country. That is the kind of natural appeal that many Europeans are seeking, when they visit Canada.
  • Explore Québec by the sea: Beautiful by nature
    Québec maritime is a country-sized territory in Eastern Québec that comprises five regions on the St. Lawrence River and its Estuary: Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie, Côte-Nord (Manicouagan and Duplessis) and Îles de la Madeleine. Sculptured over ages by the sea and the wind, the landscapes are simply stunning.
  • Hidden gems in British Columbia
    Discover Canada's desert, drink a glass of local wine, enjoy the arts and explore the parks and reserves.
  • Montreal for students and budget travellers
    Discovering Montreal can be inexpensive and as exciting as you’d imagine Canada’s second biggest city can be. Packed with restaurants, clubs, bars, museums, galleries, and an old Port, Montreal combines charm and adventure into one big party city. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive, though get ready to walk or buy a week-long tourist pack and take Canada’s most efficient transport system, the metro.
  • Northern Exploration
    Night after night, brilliant pink and green aurora borealis light up the sky as ptarmigan rustle through the underbrush. In the distance one night, you see a large shape that must be a polar bear. As you enter a nearby building constructed on stilts, you hear the guttural croak of a raven in the woods while two women in embroidered parkas hold a conversation in Inuktitut. Your visit to Canada’s north has begun, but will you really have an experience like this one?
  • Ottawa on two wheels
    What is the best way to see Ottawa—on a tour bus, in a car, or perhaps in a slightly less traditional way? Visitors to Canada’s capital city may want to consider a combination of methods, but one way to see the sights in a unique way is to tour Ottawa by bicycle.
  • The Cabot Trail: A Taste of Scotland in Canada
    Explore Nova Scotia and the Cabot Trail. Experience the breathtaking scenery, lobsters, whales and winding roads.
  • Travelling with dietary needs
    One of the most intimidating aspects of international travel, for those with special dietary needs, is putting one's self into the hands of food handlers and preparers who may or may not have a detailed knowledge of one's needs. Today, the market is rife with those who understand low carb, high protein diets like the South Beach and Hollywood regimes, but what if your own personal safety, your very life, hangs in the balance if a food preparer is less than certain about your food needs?
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