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  • A Walk on BC’s Wild Side
    Every year, the villagers of Tofino and Ucluelet, on Vancouver Island’s west coast, enjoy front row seats for one of the world’s great animal migrations. In spring, more than 20,000 grey whales cruise by on their way from their winter calving lagoons in Mexico to their summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea. En route, they pass so close to Vancouver Island they can be spotted from shore with binoculars. Most people, though, prefer to join a whale watching tour to get a closer look at these magnificent animals.
  • Canadian Safaris for the Adventurous Photo-Hunter
    Discover the thrill for the hunt but this time with your zoom lens...
  • Delta: bird watching
    The majority of Delta is rural and flat, with vast tracts of agricultural land that are wetland-rich, the area makes an appealing winter oasis for thousands of birds that head south along the Pacific Flyway migratory route.
  • Salmon fishing on the West Coast
    Its fall and that means Salmon season! As chum salmon make their way to shallow waters, hunters of these denizens of the deep prepare to partake in the heart stopping, adrenalin inducing thrill that is the Salmon Run!
  • Spittin' Ain't Fittin' (Kodie Kermode Meets Mufferaw Joe)
    Kierstin is a 12 year old homeschool student from British Columbia. She enjoys writing and is challenged by putting thoughts into words. When she received the assignment to write a tall tale in the style of those told around the camp fires of the Old West, she came up with this version of how Big Joe spent a season or two with the elusive Spirit Bear of Northern BC. Note, in the early days of western canada, Alberta and Saskachewan were considered a part of the Northwest Territories.
  • Tread Lightly in British Columbia's Wilderness
    Discover the wondrous natural wilderness in British Columbia.
  • Vancouver - Naturally West-Coast
    Vancouver’s location in the south-western part of Canada, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, creates a unique and interesting area for a dynamic and attractive city to develop.
  • Waterton Lakes National Park, the real Brokeback Mountain
    When rolling prairie meets a wall of majestic mountains that surround a pristine lake, the view is nothing short of spectacular. That's the landscape that greets visitors, long before they arrive at Waterton Lakes National Park. The overland route to the park takes travellers through Southern Alberta foothill country, scenic ranch land that was chosen as a film site for the 2005 feature film: Brokeback Mountain.
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