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  • A Tour of Vancouver's Wine Country
    Magnificent country estates nestled among rolling hills, fresh farm produce, Llamas, sheep, purebred horses and cattle and of course wine, glorious wine.
  • Banff food scene goes off
    Banff's food scene is growing up fast and the menus are expanding with more local produce.
  • Delightful Dining in the Laurentians' Gastronomic Inns
    Besides the bucolic scenery that beckons in the mountainous countryside north of Montreal, there are charming inns that open doors to gourmet regional cuisine.
  • Lobster Season: The Race for Taste
    November sees the start of Lobster Season. Find out what happens on "Dumping Day" and how to make your own delicious lobster chowder.
  • Move over, Beef - there’s new game in town
    Calgary sheds its steak-and-taters image, embraces the food connoisseur within.
  • The Power of Poutine
    An unsolved mystery remains adieu amongst a legend in Canadian culture. Through a genius moment of thought a historic event unravelled in which two men from two different towns both claim the fame. One day long ago, in the remote outskirts of Quebec, a concoction of the finest in greasy, heart-stopping ingredients was thrown together and there, a masterpiece was born. Mmmmmmmmmmmm...
  • Travelling with dietary needs
    One of the most intimidating aspects of international travel, for those with special dietary needs, is putting one's self into the hands of food handlers and preparers who may or may not have a detailed knowledge of one's needs. Today, the market is rife with those who understand low carb, high protein diets like the South Beach and Hollywood regimes, but what if your own personal safety, your very life, hangs in the balance if a food preparer is less than certain about your food needs?
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