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  • A Tour of Vancouver's Wine Country
    Magnificent country estates nestled among rolling hills, fresh farm produce, Llamas, sheep, purebred horses and cattle and of course wine, glorious wine.
  • Dawson City - More than Gold
    Mention Dawson City, Yukon, and the first thought in many people’s minds will be the gold rush. The town no longer has fevered gold-seekers setting up camp like in the 1890s, but traces of the Klondike history still mingle with the new economy, with museums and historic buildings providing links to the past, while theatres, hiking trails, and much more provide a wide variety of activities for travellers.
  • Destination Stratford
    Stratford, Ontario is more than just a theatre town. Much of Stratford’s tourist charm comes from its excellent selection of shopping centres, Mom and Pop stores and restaurants, and beautiful parks which are perfect for spending a relaxing afternoon in.
  • Exploring Canada's Legislative Buildings
    Where is a good place to learn about the formation of a province or territory, or about the people who live there, or about what gives the area its unique flavour? Many people would probably think of a museum or community centre, but legislative buildings can be just as informative. A visit to a provincial or territorial legislature can be not only a good way to learn about how governments work, but also a chance to see the grand architecture and ornate furnishings that make legislatures good tourism material.
  • Hidden gems in British Columbia
    Discover Canada's desert, drink a glass of local wine, enjoy the arts and explore the parks and reserves.
  • Lifestyles of the Frugal and Unknown: Cheap Canadian Travel
    Canada is one of the most diverse countries on this planet. Because of its massive size and spread, it offers a host of natural wonders and some of the most enchanting cities in the world – there’s truly something for everyone and every budget.
  • Lobster Season: The Race for Taste
    November sees the start of Lobster Season. Find out what happens on "Dumping Day" and how to make your own delicious lobster chowder.
  • Montréal’s original Prima Donna
    A century or so ago, it wasn't romantic tenors like Pavarotti, Domingo and Bocelli who were all the rage. It was the ladies who starred-on stage and in the media. Singers like Nellie Melba, Lucia Tetrazzini, Mary Garden-and a formidable little talent from Montréal, Pauline Lightstone-ruled. Grown men swooned over them.
  • Saltspring Island
    If you are looking for rest and relaxation between arduous West Coast trail hikes and bar hopping in glittery Vancouver, Saltspring Island offers any traveller the perfect refreshment.
  • The Montréal Experience and how to get it
    If you're someone who thinks the rush to "globalization" has created an awful lot of "same-old same-old" in the world, you'll be heartened by a recent story in Gourmet magazine. In it, the journalists Jane and Michael Stern noted that the "onslaught of soulless fast food has been balanced by a resurgence of regional food" and applauded "a new generation who sustain what is now appreciated as local culture".
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