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  • 1st it was chick lit, now it’s chick trips
    What’s the difference between a chick trip and a coed jaunt? One lip gloss. If there are two ladies and two gents on a trip, women feel compelled to take along their lip gloss and men shoulder the toughest physical jobs, says Toronto, ON’s Evelyn Hannon. Hannon is host of, a website for women travellers that includes classifieds for all-female tours. But when women travel together without men, Hannon says, they don’t worry about things like hat head. They focus on the experience while embracing its challenges. Hence, the “chick trip.”
  • A Trip to Halifax
    If I had to sum up my trip to Halifax in one word, I would say “enlightening”. I expected to find myself in a sleepy fishing village, but as it turns out, Halifax is anything but tired. It’s a surprisingly vibrant, cosmopolitan place.
  • BC’s Resorts Suit Up for Another Season of Exceptional Snow
    Last year it was all about the snow - and there was plenty of it.
  • Canadian Safaris for the Adventurous Photo-Hunter
    Discover the thrill for the hunt but this time with your zoom lens...
  • Chilliwack: From Gold to Riverboat Tours
    How many people would plan a trip to see a place too small and unimportant to be mentioned in most travel books? It seems like an unlikely choice, but small cities can have a surprising number of tourist sights and be as diverse and vibrant as many larger centres. Chilliwack, British Columbia, is a good example.
  • Exploring Canada's Legislative Buildings
    Where is a good place to learn about the formation of a province or territory, or about the people who live there, or about what gives the area its unique flavour? Many people would probably think of a museum or community centre, but legislative buildings can be just as informative. A visit to a provincial or territorial legislature can be not only a good way to learn about how governments work, but also a chance to see the grand architecture and ornate furnishings that make legislatures good tourism material.
  • Great Holidays and Outdoor Adventures in Blackville, New Brunswick
    A unique and vibrant business has recently opened up in South Cains, which is just outside of Blackville, New Brunswick. Blackville, a Village of about 1000 residents, is known as the “Salmon Fishing Capital of New Brunswick”. Many people head to Blackville and the surrounding areas from May to October annually to fish, hunt and enjoy nature at its best.
  • Ice Ice Crazy - Canada's ice festivals (2007)
    Where do you have to go to see crystallized swans, Vikings, dragons, a giant elephant, and even King Kong grasping an airplane all in one day? If you guessed the movies, the zoo or an amusement park - you’re not even close. Welcome to Canada, land of the free and land of the cold, which means anything in your wildest imagination is possible. In a country where ice and snow play a huge part in our heritage and identity, we in return, learn from a young age how to play with the ice and snow that blankets our backyards for almost half the year.
  • Life in the Bay of Fundy
    Tides are the cycle of life in oceans, seas, and bays around the world. They bring birds, whales, fish, and minute sea creatures to areas that could otherwise stagnate. With the tides come vitality and diversity in a phenomenon that continues to amaze young and old, and the Bay of Fundy is perhaps the most spectacular example of the teeming marine life and human activities the tides bring, where the power of the Atlantic Ocean and the delicacy of the smallest sea creatures meet. For local residents and tourists alike, the bay is a place to experience the natural wonders of whales and birds together with the culture that makes the eastern provinces special.
  • Penticton water sports
    Nestled between two vast warm water lakes with miles of beach and secret coves, Penticton is well known as a water-lover’s destination no matter what your choice of vessel. Every season, thousands of people enjoy the smooth sand and gentle lapping waves on the beaches of Okanagan and Skaha Lake. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day of dipping with the family, or want to hype-up your adrenaline behind a ski boat, Penticton’s lakes offer something for everyone.
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